Friday, February 18, 2011

My sins of yesterday

 I know it's probably my fault.
but I do not want to be able to stop it.
you judge, please drop me a sentence on the contempt.

 *bg lah hukuman ape saje tp, please sesangat jgn sesekali kau tinggalkan aku
*aku x kesah if kau xnk tegur aku. tp jgn buat muka dpn aku!
*tp aku terima if itu hukuman yg kau berikan. semoga aku tabah mghadapi nya.

anger is not as long as your anger subsides. I'm willing to wait for your return to feeling normal.
You do not punish me with too much indifference. I probably was not as perfect as other people 
but I also have feelings. let me be your heart for the umpteenth time. for me a chance for me to
stay with you. because I am so very love you!

Sometimes that, we should cede to his own feelings for the happiness of the people we love even very bitter to accept .. This may be because God has promised the best is for us. God willing ~ 

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