Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ciannye dat gurl

ada owg cakap BFF lg better dr berBF/GF.
Single lg besh la. tp x la betol sgt single itu besh.
kdg2 sunyi gak ble xde teman yg sudi dgr bebelan
kite neh nak2 ble da lewat mlm. cmpem la kn BFF
kite pon nk lyn BF/GF die jgk xkn nk mgadap muke
kite 24H/7D!....
BFF sukar dicari but BF/GF  come n goo
tp ada masa kite pon perlukan BF/GF.
& ak xpena ckp ak nih x pelukn BFF.

so pd BFF ak toh!.....
ak sayang kamuu sume oke!

i don't have to worry anymore..
cause you will be my side when i cry..
you always smile at me..
i am blessed because..
you always shine before me..
things that we have missed hastily at time..
that's the way it is..
faces that always being looked at..
forever hugging each other..
your smile has helped me endless time..
you know..
this plenty happiness..
that i felt at this moment..
all the friends that i have here..
you are the best present..
surely things that i have accomplished here..
those things too given me strength..
thank you..

p/s : lovee u all!! mazatul isma, nurul azila, meeya, mayzon & nabella <3 <3 <3